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The Nikon P1000 currently holds the record for longest zoom, with a power of 125x or equivalent focal length of 24-3,000mm.

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The New Nikon Compendium is my favorite guide to the Nikon system.

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This guide attempts to answer the question of what is the best wide angle lens for your Nikon or Canon dSLR.SLR Ranking are subjective, for the various reasons explained.

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From watching larger animals, like deer and bear, to watching delicate birds or raptors in flight, a pair of binoculars is an important accessory.

So yep, if you are looking for a top-end Nikkor lens, look for that gold ring.

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When this thing is attached to your camera, you will feel like a rock star.

Choosing what lens to buy for your DSLR or interchangeable lens camera can be a daunting and confusing experience.

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And just so you know, 50mm is kinda the standard for a field of view most similar to the human eye.

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The basic 35 mm lens is available from nearly all camera and lens manufacturers and may be purchased with several different features and lens aperture designations. nikon lens bundle

Note that this section is a work in progress on the dslrbodies site.Recommended Support this site by purchasing from the following advertiser.The world of interchangeable lenses can be both exciting and confusing to all levels of photographers.Unlike cars and other larger items, the serial number on a Nikon DSLR lens can repeat on the same models.The Coolpix P900 is a 16-megapixel camera with 83x optical zoom and a 35mm-equivalent focal length...Known for its light weight this lens has a variety of features that make it one of a kind.Camera Lens Buying Guide. By. Best Buy - March 10, 2017. 3425. 2. At some point in your photography journey you are going to outgrow your kit lens, the lens that came with your camera.Still shooting with just the kit lens that came with your DSLR or.

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Nikon was the only super wide DSLR lens made in 2004 when I bought mine.Starting from the widest at 10.5 mm to the longest tremendous telephoto lens of 800mm.

Nikon D3400 review and buying guide for 2018 In order to compete with Canon 300D entry-level DSLR Nikon has launched the D3400 this August which is a successor to the highly popular D3300.The image below shows how the field of view varies with focal length on a camera with the most common sensor size, APS-C (as used by Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony).The Nikon D3400 bundle comes with the top accessories so you can begin shooting in various circumstances quickly.The lens department is where mirrorless cameras fall a little short.

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Binoculars Buying Guide Many outdoor activities have recently grown in popularity, including nature watching with binoculars.

The kit lens is usually a good lens to get started with, but not good enough to allow you to really take advantage of the true power of your camera.

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Whilst a staple in the camera bags of arhitecture, landscape and interior photographers, the wide angle lens is also immensely popular amongst photojournalism, wedding, sports, and even portrait photographers.

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Popular Photography offers the best camera buying guide you can find.

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Hi, just curious, is anyone still buying D850 while Nikon going to announce full frame mirrorless soon.

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NIKKOR DSLR camera lenses are available to capture any subject and bring your vision to life.The most difficult buying decision was whether to spend this much money on such a slow lens.