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This year the parade is once again available to watch online.The parade takes place in New York City, where an average of 3 million people gather along the parade route each year and between 40 to 50 million people watch from home across the country.The parade will be shown on NBC from 9 a.m.-noon in all time zones.

How to Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade online

Whether viewing the parade from the streets of NYC or at home, the following.

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The parade takes place each Thanksgiving morning in New York City, processing through the streets of Manhattan from a point near Central Park West.

How to Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Live

First taking place in 1924, the parade is as much a Thanksgiving staple as turkey dinners and NFL football.

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The pre-show broadcast will begin at 8 a.m., and NBC will be the only station.

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From exciting events to the latest trends, amazing contests to everyday.

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Like turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual tradition for many families.Industry leader of anime in North America. Stream. Shop. Discover. You should be watching.

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