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We love to read books and my job is to analyze daily all the novelties in the world of ebooks.It seems that everywhere I look there is another article claiming that saturated fat as found in butter, animal fat, or coconut oil, is a magic elixir for your brain.

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Extra belly fat could be linked to a shrinking brain, according to a study published Wednesday.Fats are an important part of the diet, but not all fats have the same effects on health.

A saturated-fat diet aggravates the outcome of traumatic brain injury on hippocampal plasticity and cognitive function by reducing brain-derived neurotrophic factor.It is considered the center of the vertebral nervous system and is located in the head of all vertebrates.Scientists understand only a fraction of what the brain is capable of and how it works, and there are tremendous discoveries and breakthroughs being made every day.

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Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are required for maintenance of optimal health but they can not synthesized by the.Melinda Sothern about new studies, linking fatty foods to brain damage, she indicated there is a lot of truth to these studies.For as long as there have been fat kids with Gameboys (including yours truly, just to be clear), there have been efforts to figure out how to turn video games into exercise.

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The low-fat recommendations and diets that gained popularity in previous decades degraded public health in many ways.

Excess body fat, especially around your middle, is associated with shrunken gray matter volume in your brain, a new study finds.

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Rats given access to high-fat foods showed some of the same characteristics as animals hooked on cocaine or heroin--and found.

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To function optimally, your brain needs to maintain around this level of fat.

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Polyunsaturated fat is found in plant and animal foods, such as salmon, vegetable oils, and some nuts and seeds.

A new study from Neurology shows that carrying excess belly fat can affect the gray and white matter in your brain, causing it to shrink.The science is clear that regularly eating a diet high in saturated fats is damaging to your heart, but it may also be devastating to your brain.

Belly Fat Linked to Smaller Brain, Suggests Neurology Study

A dish called maghaz is a popular Muslim cuisine in Pakistan, Bangladesh, parts of India, and diaspora countries.Researchers measuring body mass index and waist-to-hip ratios found people with higher ratios of.

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As the human brain develops in the womb and in childhood, it needs a constant fatty acid supply to support the growth of nerve cells (neurons).